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Noe has been working in construction since he was 13. He grew up helping his parent remodeling homes, managing his family rental portfolio and learning about construction since he was old enough to hold a hammer. Noe is passionate about homes and has been lucky enough to turn that passion into a career. That love of design and construction has carried throughout his life. In 2015 he started a residential contracting and remodeling business. 


He has spent the last two year restoring and updating his 1926 Chicago Bungalow home in Portage Park, because he wants to play his part in preserving a little piece of history with a modern twist. Not only is it a great place to live, it’s proved to be an excellent place to try new smart home technology, building techniques, and the perfect excuse to make a purchase. 


When friends come to Noe’s home, they know they’re in for a tour. Whether it’s to explain any new things he's had done around the house, or the importance of maintaining the exterior with proper grading, and downspouts away from the home. They politely listen, nod their heads, and probably think “I could use a drink right about now…”


Besides his love of construction/real estate, Noe spends time with his fur baby Bella, and loves hanging out with nephew's whenever possible. He also enjoys weekends at the cabin, exercise, biking, volunteering, traveling and trying out new restaurants. He holds a bachelor of science in finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) 

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