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Introducing Homes & Order

Hi, we're Noe and David, and we're the proud owners of Homes & Order, one of the newest home inspection companies serving the Chicago area. We're really excited to start this adventure and wanted to share a little bit about ourselves.

Why Did We Start Homes and Order?

We are Chicago born and bred. Italian Beef gravy runs through our veins we eat more tavern-style pizza than we care to admit. Additionally, we have a fondness for classic Chicago home architecture. Whether it's a bungalow in Portage Park, an American Foursquare in Logan Square, or a two-flat in Bronzeville; we love it all. These homes do have their quirks that can catch a home buyer off guard and that's where we come in. Homes and Order collectively bring over 25 years of property management experience to the table. We lived in and owned properties all over the city and have a wealth of knowledge to offer the first-time home buyer or the seasoned investor wishing to add to their portfolio. These timeless Chicago houses hold a soft spot in our hearts and we would love to share that enthusiasm with prospective buyers.

Who Do We Serve?

Homes and Order will be providing home inspection services throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. If you're looking to purchase a single-family home, investment property, condo, or townhome we would love for you to consider us to be your home inspector.

Our mission is to treat everyone with respect, provide expert advice without a condescending attitude, and provide a safe space where you can ask questions about the property you wish to purchase. You have probably never seen another Home Inspection company like ours. We are part of the Latino and LGBT communities and we wish to provide a comforting and reassuring experience to our clients. Our backgrounds helped define who we are today and we wish to honor and help our city.

Why Should We Choose You?

As we mentioned above we love Chicago homes. We grew up in them, owned and managed several types, and personally live in them today (we're both in Bungalows that are over 100 years old at the moment). If you're in the market for a home like that we're your guys!

Even though we love these older homes we believe in the latest training, technology, and methodology for home inspections. Both David and Noe are proud alumni of Triton College's home inspection course which comprises over 80 hours of classroom and field training. The state of Illinois requires home inspectors to undertake 12 hours every two years of continuing education courses every two years. Since we don't believe in doing the "bare minimum" we have committed to taking over 50 hours worth of home inspection training every year. Homes and Order will employ some of the latest technology including drones, thermal imaging, and precision tools in order to provide the best inspection possible. Lastly, our inspection reports are easy to read, optimized to be viewed on mobile devices, and contain a wealth of information and suggestions about the property.

Both Noe and David appreciate you getting to know a little bit about ourselves. If you have any questions please contact us or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our stories.


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